Our Mission…

The purpose of this church shall be, as revealed in the New Testament, to win people to faith in Jesus Christ and commit them actively to the church. To help them grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ, that increasingly they may know and do His will, and to work for the unity of all Christians and with them, engage in the common task of building the Kingdom of God.


7 thoughts on “Our Mission…

  1. We are going to be moving to the area and we’ll be looking for a new church. Worshiping in song is very important to us. I was hoping you could give us a typical song list for Sunday morning worship. Or if you would be able to tell me if you have a praise band?


    • Hi, Kaila! We do not have a praise band, but we have a “blended” worship service. So, we typically have about three contemporary songs and the others are hymns. We’ve found that this is a good balance for the preferences of our church members.


  2. Hi I attended your Church when I first moved to the Ligonier and liked the service until Communion I felt it was handled very nonchalantly. The Preacher didn’t even say this is my body or my blood it was just said if you feel you are a Christian take Communion nothing about asking forgiveness for my sins. Would you please address this. Thank you RuthAnn LaDrew.


    • I am sorry that you felt we do not take communion seriously. It is not so. If we did not believe that the Lord’s Supper was the most important part of the service we would not partake every Sunday. We have a devotion before we partake. Although we are not perfect we do try to use the devotion to guide the congregation to think about the importance of communion. We do not say something about the blood & body or asking for forgiveness every Sunday because the people of our congregation already understand it. I will mention your criticism to our elders at the next elders’ meeting.

      Please give us another chance. We could even meet & talk. Please introduce yourself if you do I would love to talk.

      God bless you,


      • Hi thank you for getting back to me. Please realize I was not criticizing I just didn’t understand. I definitely will come back. Thank you again and GOD Bless you. RuthAnn LaDrew


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